Quality Principles
DGM maintains outstanding quality standards
DGM is dedicated to create customer value as it constantly improves the products and service quality through technology development.


· Carrying out customer
  management workshop

· Introduction of CRM system

· Sharing customer information
  for internal use

· Achieving 95% : compliance
  rate of production due date

Maximizing Capacity

· Conducting manufacture technical
   team meeting once a week for the purpose
   of production process improvement

· Conducting material support team
   meeting once a week for the purpose
   of logistic improvement

· Conducting production team
   meeting once a month for the purpose of
   reduction in fraction defective

· Conducting production line
   inspection twice a day and
   solving difficulties

Quality Control

· Achieving fraction defective
  less than PPM“2”

· Realizing the importance of
  quality management activities

· Making process control check-list

· Taking quality control OJT


· Acquiring global competitiveness
  through the developing
  innovative products

· Leading the global Hose clamp
  industry through cutting-edge